About AfriNat

A “New Generation” of innovative and environmentally friendly range of  products (non-synthetic) derived from sustainable resources, with scientific proof of its efficacy.

AfriNat is an innovation company focused on providing natural solutions in multiple sectors like agriculture, food and hygiene. These products have been uniquely developed and formulated using technology acquired from Europe. The products have plant health activity and anti-microbial properties and are for industrial, commercial and home application. Afrinat is a wholly owned subsidiary of African Equity Empowerment investments limited (AEEI) which is listed on the JSE.


All products are natural, non-hazardous, non-tainting and non-corrosive. Although normal safety procedures are recommended to be worn when handling products, there are several downstream benefits with using our products, e.g. reduction in replacement costs pertaining to equipment and safety gear, energy and water saving, labour (man hours)

Product Categories:

  • Pack House Facility Cleaning,
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Agricultural Pre-harvest solutions
  • Medical (up to ICU ward)
  • Hospitality and Food & Beverage
  • Food Tech – natural preservatives, processing aids, shelf life extenders and food ingredients

All products are:

  • NRCS certified (disinfectants)
  • NSF certified (Non-food compounds)
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Aligned with the Dept. of Health
  • Registered with the Dept. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • onforms to E.U. Regulations:   889/2008 and 1334/2008

ViBacSan Hygiene and Sanitation Range

Multi-purpose/function products i.e. detergent, disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner (in one), means that less chemical product is required/used thereby reducing costs; also is less labour intensive e.g. a 4-step standard operating cleaning procedure now becomes a 2-3 step procedure. Find out more here

Agricultural Pre-harvest Solutions

Consumer awareness of the health hazards posed by synthetic fungicides/pesticides, have created a demand for healthier food options which have resulted in higher restrictions placed for “residue-free” food.  This has set the stage for more natural alternatives in our food production systems. The natural preharvest range comprises of bio-stimulant products formulated from bioflavonoids and other fruit acids, which promotes vigorous growth and regeneration of healthy plants, subsequently leading to greater food safety and security; and less food wastage. These products are used in spray programmes for maximum yield and better quality of fruits and vegetables. Find out more here

Food Technology –  Natural Food Preservation (Launching soon)

A range of natural preservatives, LifeSalt, processing aids and shelf life extender products.  These products are formulated to replace current synthetic preservatives which pose high allergen and other health risks.  They enhance various food matrices by offering a variety of health benefits for consumers; which also provides for “clean” labelling.