AfriCal 38 WP

Product Function:

Highly soluble calcium carbonate

Product Description:

A wetable powder (WP) of highly soluble calcium carbonate. Africal is employed as soil ameliorant for the enhancement of metabolic processes.

Active Ingredient:

Calcium carbonate 396 g / kg

Mode of Action:

Calcium carbonate is drenched into the active root zone, via the fertigation system, which allows for pH adjustment, growth stimulation and translocation of essential nutrients.

Added Value:

Prime benefits:

  • Highly reactive due to purity and fineness (0.75 ɥm)
  • Optimizing growth and development of crop
  • Bio-stimulant for stress relief

Benefits illustrated on infograph

  • Easy to handle
  • Low application volume per season = reduced input cost
  • Release fixated nutrients into plant accessible form for bio-availability and absorption
  • Improve quality, yields and returns

Application & Dosage:

  • 2.5 kg / ha
  • Apply via the fertigation system
  • If practical, buffer irrigation water before application to range between pH 5 – 6
  • Incompatible with sulphates, phosphates and ionic metals in the same tank


Africal: Calcium carbonate 396 g / kg. Safe. Reg. no: B4588 (Act 36 of 1947)

Registered by AfriNat (Pty) Ltd, a proud subsidiary of African Equity Empowerment Investments Limited

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Distributed by Wynberg Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Quay 7, East Pier, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001. Tel: 021 427 1400

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