Product Function:

Wetter sticker

Product Description:

An emulsifiable concentrate (EC) consisting of a unique proprietary blend, which aids in the adherence of agricultural chemicals for foliar application sprays.

Active Ingredient:

Alkyl polyglucoside

Mode of Action:

C-LEAF drastically reduces the surface tension of water. The product improves the performance of agricultural remedies through improved spreading and coverage of plant surfaces.

Added Value:

  • 100% natural
  • 98% bio-degradable
  • Improve performance of agricultural chemicals
  • Easy handling
  • Bio-friendly; no harmful MRL’s
  • Low application volume = reduced input cost
  • Enhanced contact time; thus performance of agricultural chemicals
  • Improve crop quality and returns

Application & Dosage:

  • 0.5 L/ha for foliar application (other than insecticides)
  • 1 L/ha for insecticides
  • Apply in the early morning or late afternoon – not during the heat of the day
  • Do not apply when rain is expected in 6 – 8 hours
  • Incompatible with ionic metals


C-LEAF: Alkyl polyglucoside. Caution.  Reg. No.  Registered by Wynberg Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Quay 7, East Pier, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001. Tel: 021 427 1400

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