SynG is a patented blend of selected bioflavonoids and fruit acids formulated to assist in:

  • New vegetative growth
  • Aid plant and crop health
  • Improve fruit quality

It has been demonstrated to increasing the bioavailability and uptake of applied nutrients, either via the soil medium or foliar applications, aiding internal transportation as required by the tree.

Mode of action

Works at the pre-cursor module, as an elicitor, to activate the trees production of phytoalexins as well as PRP Proteins.


  • Achieves accelerated metabolism by mimicking the signalling to the plant of growth hormones, “Gibberellic and Jasmonic effects”
  • Assists, in formation of increased healthy root biomass
  • When applied, at the correct “phenological growth phases” it is known to increase brix levels, internal quality of fruit and enhanced yields


  • Shown to assist in the reduction of “disease pressure”
  • Has no “Residual withholding period” 100% natural ingredients > 98% biodegradable, complies with “Organic Regulations” (Zero harmful residues)
  • Non-Toxic (no Phyto toxicity), can be applied every 14 days

How to use

  • First application, must be applied at Bud-Swell – July-August, dependent on Climatic Zone
  • Apply, either via the Irrigation System- Drenching, drip line, micro-jets, sprinklers
  • If foliar Sprayed- do not apply during the heat period of the day
  • Apply early morning or late afternoon
  • Optimal pH 3-5, add buffer to water if required,
  • Blending together with a suitable wetter sticker = Foliar application
  • Ideal soil pH 6-6.5, via the irrigation system, or “Foliar Application, conventional tractor sprayers”, ideal water pH 3-5