Stress Resistance Enhancer

A soluble liquid (SL) of aromatic fruit acids and phenolic compounds. Elicitor sends a signal to activate the crop’s internal resistance mechanisms, to alleviate against stresses.


The phenolic complexes enhance the production of phyto-alexins and plant pathogenisis-related proteins in order to strengthen the natural protection process of the crop against foreign materials like microbial matter. It also improves the uptake and movement of bio-available nutrients in the vascular tissue.

Reduce plant stress

And improve crop performance
Anti Fungal

Environmentally friendly

No harmful residues and
Pollinator friendly /Bee Friendly / Human safe

Low application volume per hectare

Results in reduced input cost

  • Elicitor benefits
  • How do I apply it to my crops?
  • Improve fruit maturity and uniformity
  • Enhance crop quality, yield and returns
  • No harmful residues
  • Reduce plant stress and improve crop performance
  • Environmentally Friendly : Bio-friendly, no harmful MRLs
  • Improve the uptake and movement of bio-available nutrients in the vascular tissue
  • Low application volume per hectare = reduced input cost
  • 1 L / ha per application
  • Apply as a soil drench or foliar spray irrigation during the phenological growth stages of the crop
  • Mixture between 3.5 and 5
  • Add wetter/sticker when applied onto foliage and do not apply when rain is expected within 24 hours
  • Apply early in the morning, late afternoon or evening
  • Incompatible with ionic metals