Colour Enhancer

A soluble concentrate (SL) of botanical extracts.
KLEUR+ activates enhanced verasion by proanthocyanidin
and carotenoid production which are precursor molecules for
colour pigmentation in skin membranes.


The combination of plant derivatives, activates the metabolic pathway and in turn promotes maturity, uniform colouring and internal quality of the fruit.

Reduce plant stress

And improve crop performance

Environmentally friendly

No harmful residues and
Pollinator friendly /Bee Friendly / Human safe

Low application volume per hectare

Results in reduced input cost

  • Kleur+ benefits
  • Kleur+ mode of action
  • How do I apply it to my crops?

  • Increased colour
  • Less labour intensive
  • Enhanced quality
  • No MRL inhibitions

  • Kleur+ is a unique botanical extract which increase the flavanoid metabolic pathway flavonoid for fruit color.
  • It accelerates maturation by promoting the enzyme production which is involved with maturation and especially amylases. 
  • It is rich in proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are colorless polyphenols which are converted to colorful anthocyanidins levels.
  • Level of Anthocyanidins is positively correlated with the flavonoid pathway & color intensity.

  • To be used in conjunction with Afrinat's methionine & potassium Foliar feed in the blend.
  • First Application at 10% veraison
  • Second Application at 10 - 14 days after 1st application at 50% veraison
  • Third Application at 70% veraison