Calcium 0.75 Micron

A wetable powder (WP) of highly soluble calcium carbonate. Natca75 is employed as soil ameliorant for the enhancement of metabolic processes.


Calcium carbonate is drenched into the active root zone, via the fertigation system, which activates growth stimulation and translocation of essential nutrients.

Reduce plant stress

Improve crop performance

Environmentally friendly

No harmful residues and
Pollinator friendly /Bee Friendly / Human safe

Low application volume per hectare

Results in reduced input cost

  • NatCa75 benefits
  • How do I apply it to my crops?
  • Highly reactive due to purity and fineness (0.75 ɥm)
  • Optimizing growth and development of crop
  • Bio-stimulant for stress relief
  • Release fixated nutrients into plant accessible form for bio-availability and absorption
  • Improve quality, yields and returns
  • Prevents cracking skin
  • 38% Elemental value
  • Immediately gets up taken by plant.
  • Easy to handle
  • Low application volume per season = reduced input cost
  • 2.5kg per hectare per application.
  • Early morning to prevent sunburn
  • Apply as soil drench during the phenological growth stages of the crop.
  • If practical, buffer irrigation water before application to a pH below 5
  • Application according to tree density /ha
  • Trees 5 years and older: 4g per tree
  • Application Stage: Budswell, flowering, fruitset and cell division.
  • Young Trees: 2g per tree. 1.75kg per ha