Humic Acids

A soluble liquid of biological active humic substances and acts as crop growth stimulator.

The humic acid and potassium mixture increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilisation, ensuring improved nutrient loading. The high content of humic acid improves the structure

and organic content of the soil, reduces the amount of nutrients that is washed out of the soil, and increases the soil’s ability to retain water.

Improve structure

Soil nutrient and soil rejuvenator
Increases water holding capacity

Easy to apply

No heavy machinery required and
Pollinator friendly /Bee Friendly / Human safe

Low application volume per hectare

Results in reduced input cost

  • How do I apply it to my crops?

  • From 12.5L / ha, 4 application
  • Apply as drench treatment via fertigation or foliar spray during the vegetative growth stages.
  • Use in combination with fertilizers or foliar feeding programs.
  • First application 6 month prior to planting
  • 2nd Application
  • 3 month prior to planting
  • 3rd application at planting and follow up 4th application 3 months later.