Crop Growth Stimulant

A soluble liquid (SL) of aromatic fruit acids and phenolic complexes. Syn-G is a unique nutrient synergist for growth stimulation and stress relief.


The phenolic complex stimulates the hormonal effects (Gibberellic acid and Jasmonic acid) and metabolic system of the targeted crop during critical growth phases. Additionally, it improves the uptake and movement of bio-available nutrients in the vascular tissue.

Reduce plant stress

Improve crop performance

Environmentally friendly

No harmful residues and
Pollinator friendly /Bee Friendly / Human safe

Low application volume per hectare

Results in reduced input cost can be applied through irrigation no need for tractor

  • SYN-G benefits
  • How do I apply it to my crops?
  • Increase the absorption and movement of nutrients in the vascular tissue,
  • No harmful residues
  • Reduce plant stress and improve crop performance
  • Low application volume per hectare = reduced input cost
  • Optimize crop metabolism
  • Relieve stress conditions
  • Enhances quality, yield and returns
  • Promote anti-oxidant activity

  • 1 L / ha per application
  • Apply as a soil drench or foliar spray during the phenological growth stages of the crop
  • Mixture between 3.5 and 5
  • Add wetter/sticker when applied onto foliage and do not apply when rain is expected within 24 hours
  • Apply early in the morning, late afternoon or evening
  • Incompatible with ionic metals